Buks & Solo Drop New Album & You Can Pay Whatever You Want For It

Two weeks ago emcees Solo and Buks announced their union for a project that had no release date and was yet to be titled. Today we finally have the project, but there’s still no name. Well, the project actually has a title, it just happens to be named We Need A Title.

Quirks like that one are the least you of what you can expect from the product that these guys have created. If you know anything about 2014 #SAHHA Best Newcomer, you’ll know that the bars are Guantanamo Bay solid.  His lyrical ability, self-awareness and smooth flow, displayed on debut album Dreams A Plenty and more recently singles ‘Poster Child’ and ‘Overtime’ are reminiscent of music from the golden era but without the anger or corny shout outs. Buks is of course an already accomplished musician, having penned and produced songs as a member of the legendary Ivy League collective with AKA and Kamza, with a rap sheet longer than Yoa Ming’s arm. From Pro to Tuks, Shugasmakx, Khuli Chana, Teargas, Jub Jub, Bala Brothers, JR, Proverb and more, Buks has crafted impressive feats beyond genre. He’s had staggered moments as a (dope) lyricist in his own right over the years but recently has made it his priority, releasing ‘Rule the World’ in late September this year.

Now take those attributes, say a prayer and try to fathom what a fusion of the two would sound like. Then open your eyes and feel stupid about having to use your imagination. The album is here, in all its lyrical, melodic, conceptual and stylistic glory.

Best part? You can choose to pay whatever you want from it. Yup, the duo has enlisted the help of PayFast services, which basically gives you the freedom to choose literally any amount you’d like to pay for the album, and then cop it in a few short steps.

Download and listen to We Need A Title by clicking here


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