Listen To Pusha T’s Flaming New ‘Untouchable’ Single

UshPusha T is on his on job lately and he’s devised the best way to let us know just how great his life is, while simultaneously making us feel terrible about our simpleton ways: ‘Untouchable.’

In his latest single, Push flosses like only Push can floss; name-dropping adidas and his million dollar deal with the company, making his G.O.O.D Music presidency official and of course no song of his is complete without the double entendres about “white.”

In order to listen to the song, you have to head here, and hold down on the cover art. If you stop clicking, the song will stop playing, so that’s definitely one way to make sure listeners aren’t distracted.  Given the different interactive way DONDA have premiered work from Kanye and Big Sean, it’s not too much of a surprise that they took a different route.

The cover art is designed by DONDA and ‘Untouchable’ is off Pusha’s upcoming sophomore solo album King Push.

You can listen to ‘Untouchable’ via YouTube below

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