L Tip and Tony Dangler toss around similes and metaphors with ease #FAN

When you hear “Friday Action Night,” you might think it’s just a movie. But here’s a twist – L Tip and Tony Dangler teamed up to recreate that picture with lyrics. The hip-hop movie scene may seem dead, but L Tip and Tony’s rap will last forever. It’s not often you come across MCs who can play with words like they’re nothing. They toss around similes and metaphors with ease. L Tip starts the song in vernacular but sticks to the concept behind the song. The video is even more beautiful than the audio. This isn’t a typical commercial record, but rather an underground record. Tony Dangler comes in on the second verse with his raw and hardcore lyrics, flexing his lyrical ability. If someone ever told you that underground rap has no sonic signifiers, tell them to quit smoking that cheap stuff. L Tip and Tony Dangler give us something with substance.

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