xWzrd refuses to let his small number of followers hinder him from sharing his talent.

Every year, we come across a viral video on social media of a rapper spitting some bars or one of their music videos getting thousands of hits on YouTube. However, not all videos that go viral are good. It just happens that by luck or someone with a wider audience shared their work, and the rest became history.  We have many talented rappers dropping freestyles each and every Friday or whichever day of the week for a month or two, yet they don’t get recognition because of the number of followers they have. I strongly believe that we should shine a light on these artists and encourage them not to stop doing what they love.

xWzrd is one of those talented and consistent rappers who drops freestyles weekly. As fans, we gave him that task, and he didn’t look back but delivered like the MC he is.  With His raps he can take you on an enchanting journey, how he paints pictures with words is something you haven’t seen before. “Made my mark in hell, fled, but then my tires chose the highest path, my wrath outfired every fire. Fed the earth some honest truth, the turf became my Iris now the streets became my ears”.

The young rapper xWzrd possesses elite skills in rap, despite not having experienced viral privileges. He proved his mastery of the art by rapping flawlessly to Pharaohe Monch’s “Simon Says” beat, impressing his Twitter followers and intimidating his rap peers.  xWzrd has become a standout artist in the internet rap scene for his introspective style. He went as far as saying: “Everybody has a season, you just know the division, there’s lows and highs, you just have dedication, I swear one day the sun will shine on you and have daze, done eating hay and manifesting what I say/ everything aligning, now its time for God to pay for your following, everything now can change in a day”    

In two years, we might find ourselves discussing rappers who gained fame through social media, yet still managed to showcase their talent as skilled wordsmiths and bring lyricism back to the mainstream of hip-hop. True hip-hop enthusiasts will remind us that they first saw these artists in Hype Magazine.

Check the kid out and let us know what you think of him. @x_wzrd is the handle on social media.

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