[Watch] Julius Malema explains why he didn’t attend Riky Rick’s funeral

“I do not agree with people who take their lives”

In an interview with Tbo Touch on Metro FM, EFF commandeering chief Julius Malema shared his views on suicide. “I don’t agree with people who take their lives,” he said. Touch remarked that Malema didn’t attend Riky Rick’s funeral. “I don’t even attend the funerals of people who commit suicide,” Malema said. “I don’t do that. I believe that Riky Rick could have spoken to us because, if we resort to that, our children will just wake up and commit suicide. You must speak. Personally, myself, I have gone through a lot.”

Touch interjected, recalling a time Malema was facing financial troubles. “You only had a camp chair in your house, SARS took everything,” Touch said.

Malema went on to encourage men to “speak out” even if they “look like a fool”.

“Someone is going to hear you and someone going to help you. There is always a solution. Let’s find a solution,” he said. “I’m not judging, I’m just saying people must speak.”

Watch the video of Malema discussing suicide and his absence from Riky’s funeral.



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