Lucasraps Location Hurting 2.0 cover.

Review: Lucasraps ‘Location Hurting 2.0’

Lucasraps lives up to his name in his SoundCloud release Location Hurting 2.0

By The Observer

One thing is clear, Lucasraps is adamant on living up to his moniker; one thing the Durbanite will do is rap. And that’s what he does in his latest release, Location Hurting 2.0, a sequel to Location Hurting released a year ago on SoundCloud.

Location Hurting 2.0 is a project showing my transition through a multitude of different emotional and mental states, with the hope that it guides everyone who listens to it through all their tough and/or difficult situations,” reads the description under Location Hurting 2.0 on SoundCloud.

And he does take the listener through a few moods from self-assured (‘Not There’ and ‘Drown Your Sorrows’) to self-introspective (‘Cabity’ and ‘Heart Attack’) and just straight flexing, especially when he has company. ‘Fine China’ is a sexually charged posse cut featuring Ca$h Kali, T.Y and Wang, where Lucasraps and his guests rap over a minimalist trap instrumental. ‘Fine China’ is followed by ‘Revealed’, yet another posse cut with a lean trap beat. The song features Ca$h Kali, Wang, EL ES DI and V.I who each deliver laidback raps.

‘Revealed’ is followed by even more bars on ‘Swagger Juice’, featuring The Big Hash who contributes an energetic verse, sharp and expressive as one has come to expect from the former member of the Innanetwav.. “There I go again with these entendres/ I’m born to get this money, that’s the mantra/ But money turnin’ niggas into monsters,” The Big Hash raps over a rumbling bassline reminiscent of old-school West Coast hip-hop.

On the Hazy-assisted ‘Cabity’, Lucasraps rides an ominous bass-heavy instrumental, where he raps about being desensitised by life’s circumstances, especially those brought by the spotlight. It’s one quotable after another, as he spits lines such as, “I rest my case, I wash my hands in water that the father made/ Tryna slaughter me ’cause ‘G.O.A.T’ is part of my name.”

On ‘I Am Him’, he rants over the instrumental to Eminem’s 2000 hit ‘The Way I Am’, where, just like Slim Shady, Lucasraps expresses his dissatisfaction with how the game operates and treats him. “This game is so p*ssy, n*ggas reply to you in captions,” he raps, after saying, “Came for your favourite rapper, now everyone is hella mad,” likely referring to his swipe at A-Reece last month after Reece claimed to be the best rapper in Africa. It’s a fitting instrumental to recycle for a rapper who has no fear of expressing himself fully. Even as an established rapper with a debut album, 031 to the World, released by DefJam Africa, Lucasraps remains dedicated to the craft of rapping and hip-hop as a lifestyle and culture. He is still racking up SoundCloud streams with each drop and moving as he pleases.

Location Hurting 2.0 ends on a contemplative note – on ‘Heart Attack’, Lucasraps expresses that the road hasn’t been easy but he’s far from done. He raps, “I ain’t sinking but I’m in the deep end swimming out/ I won’t stop until these motherf*ckers hear me out,” over a drumless beat that mostly consists of electric guitar strums that keep their distance from the vocals, ensuring the raps are the main focus. The most heartfelt song on Location Hurting 2.0, ‘Heart Attack’ ends with a straightforward message: “Just give me my respect, pay it where it’s due/ All these other n*ggas know about Luci Lu/ Hardest of these n*ggas here, I am the truth.”

Stream Location Hurting 2.0 by Lucasraps on SoundCloud.


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