Elizée Drops New ‘Couldn’t Stay The Same’ EP [Listen]

Super producer and artist, Elizée has today dropped off his new EP called Couldn’t Stay The Same which is now the official follow-up to his Blkshp debut EP that dropped last year. This new body of work carries 6 tracks in total with no mentioned features other than some production from Khalil for a song called ‘Is That OK’. The EP is an R&B experience and in a recent social media post he shared, Elizée mentioned how everything turned upside down a month after he dropped Blkshp which ended up with him experiencing the worst year of his life which included the loss of his mother. He further goes on to explain that Couldn’t Stay The Same is about growth and him beginning his new journey as an indie artist.

I made some decisions that led to me completely losing myself, I got involved in two life-threatening incidents that I honestly still can’t fathom how I survived, got mentally abused in exchange for the love I gave, I was completely disconnected and isolated from everyone I love, all this really drained me to a point where I was unable to function, putting my career and my faith on a standstill. And just as I thought I experienced enough pain, the unimaginable happened and I lost my mother. All this trauma left me with a choice, and I chose myself, I chose healing, I chose love, I chose joy, if I were to put “Couldn’t stay the same” into one word, that word would be growth and that’s what I chose. I thank God for helping me realize this I’m forever grateful for everyone that supports me, whether you know me personally or not, I love you all – Elizée

I share all this because it’s real, I’m not the only one that had a hard time last year, I’m sure there’s a lot of you going through a lot even right now. You’re not alone though, and I want you to know bouncing back possible no matter dark times may get. I will continue to spread love through my art as I begin my new journey as an independent artist, I’m proud of myself for finding myself again and being able to create and turn a sad story into one of hope

Listen below: