Big Sean Hints At A Nasty C Collab?

Early 2019 images of Nasty C in the studio with Big Sean & No I.D. were circulating online and got a lot of us excited for a possible collab between the two. Although Nasty did shut down those expectations way back, some new fire has been ignited and fans seem to be pretty excited about it. Both artists are still enjoying the success of their new albums, Detroit 2 & #ZMWSP, but during a recent online #AskBigSean Q & A with fans, a fan asked Sean whether or not he had done a track with Nasty? Big Sean responded by saying, “That’s my dawg! We need to finish something”. Now that really gets us going and kind of hints at the possibilities of the two giants locking it in the studio right? And if you’ve been a fan of both then you can only imagine the results of such a collab. This, however, doesn’t confirm anything but it’s the idea and willingness of it to happen that sets moods right.

What would a song between the two stars sound like?

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