New Naye Ayla ‘Every Feeling’ EP Drops In October

Late August singer/songwriter, Naye Ayla, revealed that on the 16th of October 2020, Naye Ayla will be releasing her sophomore EP titled Every Feeling. Last week the lead single off the EP titled ‘Breathe Me’ dropped and it’s been shared that Naye had been working on completing this EP for the past 3 years…

“I had to give myself and my music the time to mature, while also dealing with the life conditions that were preventing me from completing this and releasing it sooner, these past few years came with a lot of growth for me in life and in music. Going through all these feelings gave me a lot of the patience I need for my journey” – Naye Ayla

This EP comes 4 years after releasing her Debut EP Exi(s)t which featured Una Rams and Youngsta CPT.

“…. It’s called Every Feeling because this body of work visits every feeling I experienced in the process of becoming the woman  I am today and in the process of completing this body” – Naye Ayla

Listen to ‘Breathe Me’ below:


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