Frank Ocean Rumored To Be Working On A Secret Project

Earlier this month it was confirmed that Frank Ocean’s little brother, Ryan Breaux, was killed in a car accident which is just tragic and you can imagine what Frank & his family must be going through right now. And even though the last thing we expect from Frank at the moment is new music new, there have been some reports circulating out there. So it’s been a little over four years now since Frank Ocean dropped Blonde and now we getting some new music teasers online. The last time he dropped something was late 2019 & earlier this year with ‘In My Room’, ‘DHL’, ‘Dear April’, and ‘Cayendo’. No here’s the new music rumor; a New York Times’ journalist by the name Kyle Buchanan recently spoke to director Luca Guadagnino about his upcoming HBO show called, We Are Who We Are starring Kid Cudi, who then revealed to him that he was recently working with Frank Ocean on a “secret project.”

“I spoke to Luca Guadagnino about his upcoming HBO show and he told me he’d recently worked with Frank Ocean on a secret project,” Buchanan tweeted.

Then from there, Guadagnino sent a plea to Frank Ocean via the New York Times to wrap up the music that they were once working on. “‘We were collaborating on a music video that never happened. I use the Times to launch an appeal to Frank: Frank, let’s do that video. Come on,'” the film director reportedly told Buchanan.

It really isn’t much to go with but if you are a Frank fan at least this can get you excited a bit.


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