J.Cole- Then And Now!

I remember the first time I listened to ‘Losing My Balance’ by J.cole, I thought to myself this is the type of song you listen to when you want to trigger your mind into thinking about some conscious ish. The story telling ability in that track is insane and it’s dope how J.Cole knows how to layer each verse in the song into a perfect story that talks about real issues.

The way he speaks to women like he can relate to what they go through on the daily when it comes to insecurities, beauty issues and self-esteem in general.  He raps about experiences and reflects about topics that people in society go through. He always sees the bigger picture and displays that through his music.

I took some time to compare ‘Losing My Balance’ which was a track that was released from his mixtape “The Warm Up” and I noticed that it’s a bit similar to ‘Crooked Smile’ which was released from his “Born Sinner” album.

The themes are aligned and both verses in the different tracks talk about women and some of the challenges they face within themselves and the expectations that are placed on them and the choices they end up making because of circumstances. As well as the situations he faced in the surroundings that he grew up in.

Written by @sasamotale

Image sourced from Pinterest

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