A-Reece Makes Falling In-Love Look So Easy

“My loving ain’t mahala, sebenza, my loving aint mahala baby”, these are the lyrics that are sang by Amanda Black on  A-Reece track titled ‘Sebenza‘. The song is catchy and the lyrics are dope, the beat is on-point and Amanda Black’s voices, brings a soulful element to the song. Basically it’s the story line of boy meets girl, boy falls for the girl but the girl aint making things easy, so the dude gotta Sebenza to win the girl over.

With tracks like Mgani and Sebenza, it seems as though A-Reece knows how to turn a typical love story into a great song and hit, without sounding too cheesy. Letting the fellas out there know that it’s okay to be open and honest about em feelings, just make sure you don’t get trapped in the friend-zone doe! So all the fellaz who been eyeing out a particular woman should probably take some notes from A-Reece’s tracks.

The music video has so much chemistry and everything just works together. A-Reece we see you, outchea making all the women say “Ncaaaw” whenever they look at your videos, haha, on the real though, it’s refreshing to see a young rapper writing dope content and delivering proper stuff.

Image: Instagram

Written by Nomsa Motale


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