Q&A with AKA: SAMAs, Favourite Rapper & 2015 Plans

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Kiernan Forbes. 27. Artist

AKA is a major brand and the ‘Levels’ album has done extremely well, any further exciting plans for 2015?

I have many exciting plans for 2015. I will be travelling more frequently outside of the country this year to places like Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Germany and the UK. I also have the HH X AKA collaboration in 20 Shesha and Sportscene stores nationwide. You can expect new music from myself and of course from artists that I will do features for. I’m also going to begin work on my 3rd studio album.

It’s awards season in SA right now, what does this mean to you as an artist and all the your work you’ve put it?

Awards are a great indication of where your career is or may be headed; however it is not something which defines you. I have had the privilege of winning many awards in my career, but the longevity and consistency I have displayed through my music and through the business of my music is the real WIN. Its always a great bonus to be recognized by your peers, but for me I take pride in the fact that 4-5 years after my debut, I’m still here, winning awards and more relevant than I’ve ever been.

The South African Music Awards are around the corner, how many categories are you nominated for?

I have been nominated for 4 awards:

  1. Best Male Album
  2. Best Rap Album
  3. Best Collaboration – Run Jozi with KO
  4. Record of the year – Congratulate
  5. Tell us how fans can vote for you, what’s the process?

SMS “KIA 4” to 33123

What’s the main award you are looking to take at this year’s SAMAs?

Best Rap Album. No matter, the award ceremony, that’s the one I always want.

Hip-Hop is always on a competitive level, does this further motivate you or does it get tiring?

As time goes on, you find yourself being motivated by different things. I don’t mind the others competing with me, I have already proved myself. What’s even more important, if you look at my career, I have proven MYSELF to MYSELF. Do I look like I’m tiring? Exactly.

Besides yourself, who’s number one on your list of SA Hip-Hop artists right now?


What does SA Hip-Hop need more of? (One word).


What does it take to be Doro actually?


Some wise words for upcoming artists?

Get over your successes as quick as your failures.

Written by: Bridgette Makhela

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