HYPE x Levi’s Music Meets Fashion Series: Kabelo Moremi

SABC presenter, producer, writer, Fratpack rapper and fashion influencer, Kabelo Moremi AKA Mr. Calibre, has been about style since he stepped out the womb. He gave us a few minutes of his crazy day to discuss styling his denim, and his musical influences.

Who is Mr. Calibre?

Mr Calibre is a young street culture enthusiast, FRATPACKER and ARTLIFER . I make music. I drive an old Audi, I wear Janoskis and I try to listen to anything rap related.

Who are some of your favourite contemporary artists?

My favourite contemporary artists include LUPE, Jay-z, Chuck Inglish, Mikey Rocks, Tyler the creator Kendrick Lamar, Ab- soul and Mick Jenkins, Danny brown, Linkin park, The roots… I could go on and on. I just love music.

Who/what are some of your fashion influences?

My style icon is a style super Saiyan fusion of Chuck Inglish and Kid cudi. That Saiyan lives in my head and he mega styled out. I won’t lie, I love checking out style forums on blogs and tumblr, I do get inspiration from such. That’s what influences my style.

Being a style icon who is engrossed in both music and fashion, how would you say fashion influences music and vice versa?

Music communicates what’s cool to most people so if a musician says a particular pair of kicks is dope, people will want that pair. In the same breath a dope design influences a musician to speak on it, the relationship between music and fashion is mutualistic. Both are concerned with aesthetic and self-expression.

If you could describe your style using a song title or name lyric, which would it be and why?

My favourite style line is from Chuck Inglish on a track called ‘Gone Camping.’ He says: “Man for real the dudes is stealing my clothes/ like Chuck, I seen them wear it and I had to get those”. I love it because sometimes people will reference your steez like that and that’s the perfect line to rap when your steez has been stolen. [Laughs]

How important is denim as a fabric to you and what’s the best way to style it?

I can’t explain how much I love denim. It’s everything to me style-wise, I could do a whole denim outfit: denim jacket, denim shirt, jeans and denim shoes (yes denim shoes). Denim is the easiest thing to style, especially when it’s good quality. I love denim jackets I wish I could have ‘em in every colour. I guess my favourite way to style it would be the easy triple threat denim. A denim jacket paired with a soft denim shirt with dope hard denim and some Janoski joints. Skrrrrr

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