Anonymous Deny Responsibility For Creepy Kanye Video

So “bullshit”  has been called. The sensational video attacking Kanye West and his wife which dropped last week was actually not made by Anonymous . The mysterious hacktivist (hacker + activist) group that have rallied support and controversy through releasing frequent uncensored videos condemning terrorism, racism, police violence and other pressing world matters in respect to current affairs has denied responsibility for the super creepy video.

In the video, rather harsh blows at Yeezy, calling him a disgrace for letting his mother down and straying his fans away from the pro-Christian values that he initially stepped into the scene with. Kim also catches the fade for setting a bad example for their daughter North, by posing naked for magazines; a “price” that she will have to pay for in her teenage years.

Not that any of this really matters since this was clearly an internet copycat’s attempt at trying to get some attention, but it did cause quite a stir in these web streets. In case you haven’t seen it yet: watch the video below:

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