Shandarabaa Ekhelemendeh; SA Hip Hop Welcomes Mashayabhuqe

mashay2The newest music sensation in the country Mashayabhuqe kaMamba who introduced a new subgenre, Trap Maskandi / Digital Maskandi – a combination of Maskandi and Hip Hop (that is a bone of contest for another day, if you do not agree with this) is rapidly becoming a Hip Hop darling. Those who were present at this year’s installation of Back to the City were more than privileged to witness the electrifying performance of ‘Shandarabaa Ekhelemendeh’ by Mashayabhuqe and OkMalumKoolKat which was only released 4 months later. Those who attended the freedom day festival were awestruck after hearing the futuristic sound of Shandarabaa Ekhelemendeh and were left fiending for the instant release of what proves to be a 2014 summer anthem.

After 4 months of waiting, the cut was finally dropped and if you had to ask me it was well worth the wait. The power of music sees the 2 different artists from 2 different compasses gel easy and well together like a Pantsula in a DMD gear. The title of the song on its own is an addition to our slang vocabulary, as to what it means or refers to; we are still in line to find out. The sound of the tune especially the hook, can be easily mistaken for a turn up song which is acceptable but the bottom line is that if you open your third ear one will discover that the song is actually ‘social commentary’ about the life we live these days.

I see the song taking over playlists and air waves; somebody please hit the snooze knob on the playlist makers’ clock. Its Shandarabaa Ekhelemendeh take over! Mashayabhuqe is the kind of artist that is always welcome to Hip Hop, any time of the day. His collaborations with Maraza, Frat Pack and other Hip Hop associated acts OkMalumKoolKat being the most recent feature has presented his product (Digital Maskandi/Trap Maskandi) as a pleasant and edible one for an average Hip Hop lover.

Here is the link to the free song

Written by D.E.S

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