Life must really SUCK for all those day one passionate, hating-ass detractors who thought Die Antwoord was a momentary fad who would fade into obscurity after a couple of singles.

Not that it is possible to box them in a particular music genre or defined market right now, but initially misunderstood and dismissed as sensationalist white trash, wanna-be hip hop, Die Antwoord have cemented their mark on the local and global industry in an unprecedented way for a South African act.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that unlike a lot of these cats who say one thing and do another, Die Antwoord are the real makoya. They’ve stuck to their quirky, abstract guns from day one and never wavered for anything. Of course this has made them the public enemy in many industry circles (they dropped Interscope as their label in 2011 over claims that they were being pressured to make more “commercial” music; Yolandi turned down the lead role for Hollywood film Lady With the Dragon Tattoo; had a public feud with Lady Gaga after refusing to go on tour with her; and countless contentions with media), but it has also served them very well in developing a hardcore, loyal rapport with fans for being real.

Yesterday, the group dropped a brand new video ‘Bull Terrier‘ and it’s nothing short of the dark, artistic stuff we’ve come to expect from them. The video is directed by members group Yolandi and Ninja and was released in conjunction with the announcement of their next studio album Donker Mag which is set to drop on 3 June this year. The video has already accumulated just over a million views on Youtube in under 24 house. That must be a record for a South African act, nevertheless an independent act. Don’t worry, we’ll find out and let you know. Congrats to them either way!

The group is currently on a worldwide tour and will be hitting up over 20 cities from now until September.
For tour dates: www.dieantwoord.com

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