A Few Minutes in HEAVEN with DA L.E.S…

Bridgette Makhela sat down with DA L.E.S to discuss the success of his first single ‘Heaven’, his upcoming album Mandela Money and how he chooses an outfit before a big performance.

Heaven is a dope track and so is the video, how’s the response to the track so far?

The response has been quite humbling, on release date it trended twice – a first ever for a SA video release and I think more importantly, the market appreciated the fact that that we never went for more bum, boobs & bottles, which I think we have kinda exhausted in the music industry.

You and AKA seem to be the ‘IT’ guys in SA rap at the moment, how do y’all plan to stay at the top?

I think staying at the top is determined by ones work ethic and standard of product you put out there, whether it’s live performance energy or banging tracks – I plan on delivering both.

Tell us what to expect from your album?

Without out giving too much away, you can expect to be moved on an international level! I‘ve gone all in and hopefully the product will be timeless and have relevance locally and abroad.

With it recently being Women’s Month, pick one and tell us why her…Nandi Mngoma or Nomuzi Mabena?

I like the work both of them are putting in but I think Nandi is pushing her artistry real hard from presenter to dropping her album…The girl is on the grind.

The SA music industry is a tricky one, how do you manage to remain relevant to your fans?

SA industry is hella difficult with so many vernac versions of rap and a very diversified market, the only way to really stay relevant is to keep on top of your communication game no matter what you’re doing, you need to keep your fans posted… if you stay in touch – you stay in touch!

Are we gonna be seeing more collabos between you and AKA?

We going to see how the Music Gods move us…We dig hanging out in studio, and at anytime we can be inspired to jump onto a track, I’ll keep you posted!

Any interesting new projects you got up your sleeve?

Me and my Fresh2Def Team are working on a couple of TV ideas with the guidance of NEW VISION MEDIA, as TV goes they moving not as fast as I would like – but right now my main focus is on my album “Mandela Money”.

One does not simply have style and swag, one is born with ’em…tell us how you pick an outfit for a performance?

This question is as hard as the decision on what to wear! I generally throw out a couple of outfits then start to put them together, but as the saying goes…“Mama Knows Best”, she always on point!

SA rap artist you see as competition, if any?

This competition ish locally drives me up the wall, in our small market with so much required, by every artist, I think competition is all in our minds – everybody got their audience, how you handle yours is up to you.

And finally…when did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

There was no time that I fell in love with Hip Hop, I was born & bred to do, live and eat HIP HOP!


By: Bridgette Makhela

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