Drake breaks his silence about Kendrick verse

Young Money’s Drizzy appeared on the recent cover of Billboard magazine where he discussed his relationship with Kanye West, his album Nothing Was The Same and of course what people really wanted to read about; his opinion on Lamar’s ‘Control’ verse where the Compton rapper called the Canadian out along with other rappers.

This is what Drake had to say in response to Kendrick: “It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That’s all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.”

Kendrick had of course previously denied wanting to spark any feuds from the track when he spoke to Hot97: “I feel as though there are certain cats that are going to take it to the next level and make it a rivalry thing. That’s old school homie. Nobody’s trying to do that. We’re black men out here trying to uplift the culture. My first sold-out show was in New York. I always looked at that place as a place that respected my lyrics and respected the culture and the birthplace of it. I think the ones that really took it out of context was the people we know want to grab an opportunity just off the fact of the hype of the record… That’s where they get it wrong, I’m saying I’m the most hungry. I respect the legends of the game. I respect people that have done it before me, people that lost their lives over this. Because of what they laid down, I’m going to try to go that much harder and embrace it and live it. That’s the point of the whole verse and what I was trying to convey behind that verse. All the ignorance behind it, kill that noise. It’ll never be like that again, with two coasts rivals. Not on my behalf.”

After footage surfaced of Drake and Kanye having dinner together, Drizzy also address the perceived feud between himself and Yeezus. “Me and ‘Ye just fell into this thing where we hadn’t actually talked to each other in so long that all this stuff got built up. Sometimes you just have to find the opportunity to tell someone that you really like and respect them. After that, everything can move forward”. Speaking of working with the G.O.O.D Music CEO he said: “Hopefully we give the world what they want, because I know they want it. I know me and ‘Ye could do some crazy sh*t together.” (Billboard)

And finally, speaking about the album, Drizzy already said on the track ‘Versace’: “I think I’m selling a million first week, man I guess I’m an optimist”. Well, it may indeed be his optimistic nature talking, but we think he could just do it. Oh, just in case you’ve been residing under a big rock that’s under an even bigger rock somewhere in some remote area devoid of the internet, Drizzy’s thrid album Nothing Was the Same drops on 24 September.

As an artist, if you sell a million units the first week of the album release, you know you’ve reached the zenith of your career. The last time a hip hop album hit the million mark in a week was in 2008 when Lil Wayne’s ‘The Carter III’ sold a mighty 1, 005, 545 copies (apart from Jay-Z’s Samsung digital deal).
The anticipation of the album is unthinkable, really. We’ve seen how good he raps on his debut Thank Me Later. We then came to know how well he could sing on Take Care so now it’s time for his third and the world can’t help but wait with bated breath to find out the direction he takes with this album. Will he revert to the unorthodox debut? Is he giving us the goodness he gave us with the sophomore? Just what has he been cooking in studio? Those kinds of questions pique so much curiosity, that is seems Nothing Was the Same could acquire platinum status the first week of release.

Drake is one musician who knows how to perfectly encapsulate the mood and mindset of our generation in his music. Think the aphorism YOLO. Don’t forget the anthem ‘Started from the Bottom’. How about all the Drake quotes and memes that are out there, and the so called relationship advice that has endeared him to the ladies? He perfectly understands his market, and that’s exactly why in July he was named the rapper with the most social media presence. Such influence and power can easily translate into album sales and Nothing Was the Same may be that album that truly defines him. You see with Drake there’s more to music than just the monotonously lavish embellishments of “get money” “f**k b*****s”. That’s what sets him apart from his contemporaries.
Maybe I’m just an overly optimistic Drake fan with quixotic ideas and expectations, or maybe not. It’s hard to ignore such a musical force, such a talent. The guy is talented, man. Guess who ain’t sleeping till the 24th Sep?

Written by: Moza & HYPE staff

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