True King of Bling

Zirconium, carats, emerald and sapphire are a few words and resources that float around Ben Baller’s world of custom jewellery manufacturing, a service which he delivers to clients with outlandish requirements. You probably have seen his killings around your favourite rapper’s neck and wrist but had no clue it was his work. All the metallurgical engineering and bedazzlement takes place at his IF & Co (Internally Flawless & Company) headquarters in Los Angeles Cali, where NBA athletes and LA’s high rolling society are some of his daily patrons.

Of course, Ben Yang was a prime time player in the Hip Hop circle years before jumping headfirst into the precious metal artistry. From disc jockey to record exec, with a 19 million album resume’ that has artists such as Jigga and Dre to his name, it’s no surprise that his deep pocketed clientele has great faith in his abilities as craftsman of a different trade. Apart from creating once-off custom pieces of jewellery for the likes of the Game, Pharrell, the Clipse, Jonas Bevacqua (LRG Clothing founder) Cee-lo Green and Justin Bieber, he creates a range of ready-to-buy products and does brand marriages with the likes of Neff watches to supply affordable time pieces with his signature touch .

When it comes to selecting jewels for the tarmac, prestige is the order of the day. Audis, ten to eight beemers and black ghosts occupy his loft’s basement parking. As for setting his high-end whips apart, only workmanship of an analogous calibre will do. Who else but downtown Los Angeles’ very on premier world class customizer would be able to carry out BB’s requirements.

One of his two white BMW 750Lis squats on 22 inch Asanti wheels, has a custom front bumper with hints of noir as well as on the grill and window frames. His M5, which is the recipient of an all-encompassing auto spa treatment from PM (Platinum Motorsport) was given a nip/tuck with a custom body kit, baptised in matte white paint and a hint of black, then had 22 inch wheels that match its immaculate skin bolted onto it. Despite its 5 litre, 10 cylinder engine’s 507 horse power factory output, the number 5’s performance was propelled furthermore with the aiding of a K&N air intake and Eisenmann custom exhaust which raise the numbers to: ridonkulous!

With a continuous demand of his skills in a market filled with mediocrity and a jewellery design resume that surpasses his platinum plaques, Ben Baller may very well be the silent king of Bling who lets his profitable reputation blow his horn.

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