There’s a new column in town and HYPE got the exclusive. A must-read, check it out in our column’s section below. To tell you what it’s all about, we’ll let Duzzi tell you in his own opinionated words…

The SHVT UP is I and it is me. My name is Duzzi, content creator and distributor for the blog, a direct portal to my opinions, likes and dislikes. Driven by my love of Hip Hop and all things urban the subject matter of all the content on my blog is firmly fixed on this.

I’m very opinionated and have no desire to be liked by people who don’t appreciate facts and shock value. Most people don’t like people who are direct and confrontational they call those people haters…….a foolish notion if you ask me!

Obviously I will not strive to attack people or discredit or defame them, what I will aim to do is distribute the truth with no malice but with no holds barred.

Speaking on topics that are important to the culture, I will aim to uncover people’s opinions, getting them to comment and participate in a dialogue between my content and their views.

The content will be gripping, informative and direct to say the least.



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