Uno July still got bangers in the vault

Uno July has just released a new track called “Uyabona Nawe Mos” following the success of his single “NYIRI”. This new track is a key part of his 2024 lineup, featuring a mix of Xhosa slang that represents Cape Town’s street culture. 

Produced by Ras The Afronaut, the song reintroduces Uno’s unique sound and sets the stage for future collaborations. “Uyabona Nawe Mos” translates to “You can see, right?” and reflects confidence and style. The phrase is rooted in Xhosa slang known as “Ringans” and is widely used in the Western Cape townships to display bravado and a flashy lifestyle. The track captures the spirit of Cape Town’s streets and encourages listeners to celebrate their own successes with the same energy. Overall, this release adds to Uno July’s body of work, showcasing his ability to blend language and culture into his music.

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