Are south African Rappers taking Tours seriously?

I believe that tours are important for attracting attention, building audiences, gaining performance experience, and making industry connections, especially when the tours are outside of your city or South Africa. However, I’ve noticed that South African rappers don’t take tours seriously and sometimes doubt their fan base outside their cities. Other than CassperNyovest and Nasty-C’s African tour, and Zakwe’s recent tour in the USA, not many other rappers have been touring. Stogie T has been touring for over a decade and a half. Solo and the BETR GANG did have a successful one some years back. Are there still South African rappers who plan tours or are willing to do one?

It’s sad to see that some South African rappers seem to just drop an album and promote it on Twitter without any further promotion effort. A simple radio tour within their city should at least be a start, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We can’t always blame the piano genre for this. It’s time for South African rappers to step out of their comfort zones and start doing things differently.

Instead of embarking on month-long tours that take you far away and make it hard to return, consider shorter tours that are more focused on your goals. You don’t have to start big by touring African countries. Instead of spending weeks and months on tour, try regional weekend tours that are closer to home and less expensive. This way, you can gain experience and get closer to your goals with shorter tours. Start by choosing cities close to where you live and easy to get to and build your experience from there over time. This strategy provides the benefits of touring while maintaining financial stability and allowing you to be productive at home when needed.

I know some South African rappers might have different perspectives, but touring is also crucial because it is the best way for artists to make money today. With more people streaming music, record sales will decrease in the coming years. While selling merchandise can be successful, touring remains a more lucrative source of income in the long run.

Lastly, let’s all look up TOORLY on or follow them on social media so we can help these rappers identify the cities where they have fans. Maybe this will help them reconsider touring. Let’s see which South African rapper will surprise us from June onwards with tour announcements. It would be great to see a South African rapper take their career seriously and start making money from tours.

That’s all for now from illythehost, take care!

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