The exceptional legacy of the House of Rémy Martin is engraved in the memory of every individual who has ever gifted, enjoyed, or contributed to its exceptional cognacs. But its future is still to be written as it laments its commitment to dreaming forward and producing world class product, what Remy Martin centers as cognac fine champagne.



For 300 years, the House of Rémy Martin has handed down its knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next. Today, this extends beyond the legacy of the family, and we work, as a team, with all stakeholders of Rémy Martin to reach sustainable excellence, together,” remarks Marie-Amélie de Leusse, Chairman of the Rémy Cointreau Group.


She adds that they have all inherited a responsibility to protect their soils for the future generations by partnering with winegrowers from Grande and Petite Champagne, mentoring new talents all over the world, striving to perpetuate this family legacy for another 300 years.



This point of view by Rémy Martin South Africa was shared and celebrated with the local market at their 300-year celebration, hosted at Monarch, Sandton.


Hosted by its Brand Ambassador, DJ Zinhle, and some of the country’s A-listers, whom, much like the brand, have exposed qualities of excellence in their craft and continue to dream forward by creating more whilst bringing others up with them, the evening was an immersive experience and celebration of the shared values of what has defined the brand and what it stands for over the years of its rich history.



This celebration in South Arica marks a significant move towards Rémy Martin celebrating its ongoing partnerships with local talent who have, over the years, demonstrated excellence in their respective fields, whilst further igniting the brand’s presence in market and establishing a stronghold in the market with its fine cognac fine champagne.


Rémy Martin is a legacy brand that has stood the test of time. It has proven itself to be resilient for 300 years which is no light feet or achievement in the category,” added Grant Hendricks, Portfolio Manager.



He adds that “We are, therefore, thrilled to be celebrating this major milestone and look forward to charting a new way forward in South Africa leveraging the rich brand history for what is to come”,


Additional activities that will take place throughout the year albeit from a global perspective include:


The Reopening of the Historical House

Starting in the center of Cognac, Spring 2024 will see the historical house of Rémy Martin reopen its doors after several years of renovations. At the crossroads of urban and rural, the sumptuous setting will magnify a 300-year legacy of hospitality, taking visitors on a voyage into the very soul of Rémy Martin.



The Anniversary Celebrations

In selected airports worldwide, the House will take cognac lovers on a spectacular flight through time via the Rémy Martin Dream Forward Expedition from Spring 2024: an opulent anniversary experience. Immersive VR technology will transport visitors to the vineyards of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne to explore Rémy Martin’s terroir, or up into the starry skies to dream about the future, accompanied by interactive discovery tables, tastings customization services and unique limited editions. Simultaneously, the Centaur Birthday Tour will bring the celebrations to some of the globe’s top nightclubs.



Also, beyond cognac-making and viticulture, the House inspires and supports innovation and excellence in many fields, passing on a passion for excellence from one generation to the next. The art of mixology is at the heart of the House, and, thanks to The Rémy Martin Bartender Talent Academy competition, international bars will celebrate 300 years of cocktail culture and innovation in 2024. The top 24 will come together for a global final in France in September.



“Celebrating 300 years of history is a milestone for Rémy Martin. By inviting our consumers to explore our craft and story and by teaming up with the most promising creative talents, together we build exceptional cognacs for the next generations,” concludes Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin.




Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has one dream: to produce exceptional cognacs. A profound love of the land, a continuity of a visionary family ownership and a passionate commitment to excellence sustain Rémy Martin for three centuries. As a result of its masterful blendsgenerations of heritage and know-how in Cognac and multi award-winning achievements, it consistently appeals to the world’s most discerning connoisseurs Rémy Martin specializes in Cognacs Fine Champagne, including Rémy Martin® XO, Rémy Martin Tercet®, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal® Rémy Martin Club® and Rémy Martin® V.S.O.P. For additional information, visit www.RemyMartin.com.

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