“Tell a Friend, Mecca’s Back” Zulu Mecca to drop new EP

Rapper and actress Zulu Mecca has announced the release of her upcoming EP titled “Seams.” The announcement was made through her social media channels, where she shared the following message: “‘SEAMS’ the single. OUT THIS FRIDAY. ‘SEAMS’ the EP, pre-order this Friday. Tell a friend. Mecca’s back.”

Zulu Mecca is widely regarded as one of the continent’s most respected hip hop lyricists. In addition to her musical talent, she has built a significant reputation as a seasoned actor, boasting numerous critically acclaimed roles in productions for Netflix, Disney+, and other networks. 

Zulu Mecca 'Seams' EP Cover Art. | Source: @zulumecca

Beyond her contributions to music and acting, Mecca is also recognised as a boundary-pusher in the fashion space, solidifying her status as a true triple threat in the entertainment industry.

Fans and followers can look forward to the release of the single this Friday, with pre-orders for the EP also starting on the same day.

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