ARMC and MTN Bushfire continues to build African music industry

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The Arts Round Table, organized by ARMC and Bushfire, is a great platform to connect with key industry players. The African Rising Music Conference, which started in South Africa and featured panellists from various walks of life, then moved on to Eswatini for MTN Bushfire. After a three-day conference in Johannesburg, the team travelled to Eswatini with notable speakers and panellists. MTN Bushfire and ARMC aim to bridge the African and European music space, providing a valuable experience for all involved.

Connecting with music companies, industry heavyweights, writers, DJs, creatives, publishers, record experts, A&Rs, and music events can generate an organic buzz around an artist’s music and create more opportunities while gaining valuable knowledge. Notable individuals who shared their expertise at the conference include Tsholo Rabotsho, Rita Kamale, Nosisi Ngakane, Josephine Zwaan, Nelo, Maro, Naimah, illythehost, Thabo Nubianww, Jerry, and Frank Rodi. The Arts Round Table strives to advance the industry, and the positive reception indicates promising prospects for the continent. MTN Bushfire Director Jiggs Thorne and Penny Bouwer, the MTN Bushfire Firefly & Art Manager, ensured the smooth running of the event with assistance from Namakau Star.

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Networking in the music industry is crucial for showcasing talents, promoting work, and forming new connections. It enables artists to expand their reach and gain new fans while offering writers opportunities to collaborate with new contacts in the future.

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The performance of Moroccan superstar Rita Kamale and Afro-German artist ALBI X at the event exemplified the power of music in engaging audiences at the Ballentines stage. The event was captured by official photographers and videographers, Kgosi “Prince” Kwadi and Sphiwo ‘Sleazi’ Zembe who brought their creative experience to document the event effectively.

Image Credit: @RavenStudios

The Arts Round Table provided valuable insights for young and talented individuals in the industry, demonstrating the importance of participating in music associations and organizations. These platforms host networking events, workshops, and conferences tailored to the music industry, presenting opportunities for growth and connection. The success of the event was made possible by Namakau (Creative Lead), Jules (Project Lead), Naima (Communication Lead), SJ (Program and Partnerships), and Thabo (Production Lead).

All delegates were camping at harambee hotel right in the nearby bushes and a sugarcane farm, a walking distance from the venue (festival).

Image Credit: @Online_Sleazi

For more information about ARMC, visit their social media (IG) @African_Rising_Music_Conference or their website

Image Credit: @Online_Sleazi
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