Merchants on Long Unveils Unique Upcycled Collection

Merchants on Long has announced an exciting new collaboration, presenting a limited edition collection of upcycled kimonos and coats. This innovative collection showcases the brand’s commitment to slow fashion and cultural celebration by transforming deadstock materials into versatile, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Jeanine Benjamin, COO of Merchants on Long, highlighted the significance of partnering with Unknwn Projcts, an initiative dedicated to sustainable design. “We saw an opportunity to give new life to quality, vibrant fabrics that had been left unused due to the pandemic,” said Benjamin. The resulting collection features ten unisex kimonos and coats, inspired by the Martin Letholo Coat, each uniquely crafted with different textures and meticulous attention to detail.

In addition to this collaboration, Merchants on Long is also launching Morojele’s latest collection, “From Me To You.” Created with design partner Isis-Christana Mbango as part of the True Fashion project by the French Institute of South Africa, this collection revives discarded clothing, blending Western and African cultural elements. “These materials carry their own stories,” Morojele explained. “By deconstructing and combining them, we create a harmonious clash of cultures.”

Summendra Chetty, a buyer at Merchants on Long, emphasized the brand’s dedication to supporting African designers and promoting environmental protection through slow fashion. “We encourage consumers to cherish their clothing for a lifetime, aligning with our ethos of sustainable and meaningful fashion,” Chetty said.

Merchants on Long continues to champion African designers and innovative fashion practices, bringing a fresh and thoughtful approach to the industry.

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