Betway SA20 Bjorn Fortuin interview

South African cricket has been growing steadily over the years. We have witnessed players rising to the occasion numerous times, and with competitions like Betway SA20, more South African players have received the opportunity to showcase their cricket skills. Recently, we interviewed Bjorn Fortuin, a slow left-arm orthodox bowler from Paarl Royals, to get his views on the exciting SA20 tournament and how it has contributed to the growth of cricket in South Africa. This interview sheds light on the impact of Betway SA20 on this sport.

What does it mean to you to have been a part of Season 2 of Betway SA20?

It was a massive honour to be part of season 2 of Betway SA20. We got a rejuvenated squad and a lot of new faces and it was just something exciting to have been a part of.

How has this experience contributed to your growth as a professional cricketer?

This tournament offered new opportunities for growth. We got the opportunity to play in front of packed crowds as well as the opportunity to network with people who came from all over the globe

How did you feel about the vibrant and playful concept of the Jolly Lolly in Season 2 of Betway SA20, and how do you think it added to the overall excitement of the cricketing experience?

If you looked at the whole tournament, it was quite a jolly experience for the fans. It added to the overall atmosphere of the stadium and I am sure that even the fans who watched from home felt the energy that was created at the stadium.

Reflecting on the various stadiums you’ve played in, do you have a personal favourite and what makes that particular venue special for you?

My answer will be biased because I am from Paarl. It’s always nice to go back to Boland Park and see some familiar faces. However, I have always felt that Wanderers is an iconic stadium because of the atmosphere the fans created when I played there.

Could you provide some insight into how your team prepared for matches?

The preparation was different for every player, but from a team perspective, it was quite a long process preparing for a match depending on the opposition we were going up against. From a personal point of view, I used to prepare by visualising what I would want to do in the game and take that into training. I would repeat that process and adapt it for each opponent we faced.

In what ways do you believe being a part of Betway SA20 has positively impacted your future career as a professional cricketer? 

The effect has been the same for any SA cricketer. It has given guys the platform to expose their talent to a global audience. That exposure has opened doors for guys to play overseas.

Can you share a particularly memorable moment you’ve experienced in your cricketing career that has left a lasting impression on you?

Firstly, my debut for South Africa was something special. The second moment that comes to mind is being part of season one of Betway SA20 because we saw so many youngsters receiving the opportunity to play abroad. That was all thanks to this tournament and I hope to be a part of it for many years to come.

Which players’ performances excited you in the past season of Betway SA20

From a batting point of view, I would have to say Ryan Rickelton’s smashing runs for MI Cape Town. It was great to see him doing well after all of the setbacks he experienced in the past 12 months. If I had to look at our team, I would have to say Jos Buttler because he was performing like a machine and he just made the game look easy.

What would you like to say to all of the fans and sponsors of the tournament, to sum up your experience in the last season?

What Betway SA20 has done is massive for the cricket community in this country. I do not think that I have seen so many families attending cricket games before. It has been an amazing boost for cricket in South Africa.

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