5 Questions with Archi

What inspired the messaging behind the song? 

The message of the song is about acknowledging the difficulties that come with pursuing your dreams. The magnitude of your dreams can oftentimes scare you and that is a good thing if you really think about it. It just means you appreciate what it takes to achieve your dreams. So the song mainly talks about working through the mental challenges that come with the pursuit of your dreams.

You talk a lot about the anxieties that come with pursuing your dreams. How do you deal with the pressure and magnitude of that overwhelming feeling?  

I feel like for as long as what you’re doing is difficult, you can’t be too hard on yourself for being anxious. If you actually understand the scale of what you are trying to do, you should be nervous because can’t just assume everything is going to be okay. If you do, it probably means you haven’t seen the depth of what you are trying to achieve. So all in all, having anxieties allows you to see the potential weaknesses you have in pursuing what you want to do.  

You seem to carry a level of honesty in your songs. Can you tell me about your creative process? 

I try not to think about it too much or go into the songwriting process with too many preconceived ideas. I try to be as open as possible when creating a song and it usually starts with a melody, and I build from there. Once I have the first line of the song, I know which direction the song is headed.  

You are very versatile as an artist. Can you tell me about the pocket of sound that you entered?

I really like what Steveisfrench did with the song because it feels celebratory and melancholy at the same time and I really love making music in that sort of pocket. It’s like I’m creating lounge music. 

ZRi. seems to be a frequent collaborator. How do the two of you go about collaborating?

It is a really easy process because we trust each other’s ideas. We create a safe space for each other to contribute ideas and you know that your ideas will be listened to and considered. That means that we trust each other’s artistry and I think that trust led to ZRi. delivering such a dope verse. The verse sees him talk about the other side of what I was talking about. 

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and if there is one thing people should take away from your music, what would that one thing be? 

When it comes to the music, it’s all about levity. It is purely about the music. I always try not to coat the music in ego. In terms of what you can expect from me, you can expect me to drop one short project and one long project. I am trying to have about 9 songs out by the end of the year.

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