5 Questions with Berry Jive

Pretoria is a place to be if you want to see what talent looks like, each day there’s a kid from Pretoria waiting for his/her time to showcase his rap skills. Berry Jive is the one to check so we had a young interview with him to see what he is currently doing to better his exciting career.


You are one of the Hottest on the come up when we talking about the next big thing in Pretoria, what sets you apart from the talent we already heard from your city?

Berry Jive: I think it’s the raw and roughness in my sound. The relatable township experiences being told in those flows and rhymes, my ability to rap about anything and everything, together with how every song of mine will leave you with a line you’ll never forget. Where I come from anyone can speak Spitori and trust me, that language is so nice, I can speak while a beat is playing, and you’d think I’m rapping. However, I do more than “rapping in Spitori” and not many Pitori rappers can say that. My face tatts have also made me one of a kind I won’t lie but that’s beside the point lol.

To our audience and readers, who is Berry Jive?

Berry Jive: If you know King Von, Berry Jive ke duplicate ya Von, ntshepe. But on the reals, Berry Jive ke Tshegofatso Trevor Mamatsinya, born ka 27 April 2002. Very young but the life I’ve lived at are beyond my age. At the current moment Berry Jive is a TrapStar from Mabopane Block U. A TrapStar that’s sharing his life stories with the world, a TrapStar that spent his first December in 2023 as an ex-convict. At the moment I am a man trying to get my things together and making sure my musical journey takes me to places my mind can’t imagine.

What’s a normal day for Berry Jive looks like?

Berry Jive: If it’s not loadshedding, I wake up and start playing some trap out loud. Mandatory, a day has to start with some trap, especially War by King Von. After that I pull up on my managers – Otsile and Mercy. Before our equipment got stolen, we would host a few sessions with some other hip-hop brothers in the area. Now Mercy and I just pull up on Tsile and we trap out after he gives us an update on motion and what needs to happen.

In the next 6 months can we expect any full project from you?

Berry Jive: 6months is too long. I’m currently letting some brothers and sisters listen to the unmixed and unmastered version of my coming mixtape – NTSHEPE. We’re still sorting out a few things and are in the final mixing and mastering process. Ntshepe, this tape will change my life.

How Can our readers get hold of you or any performance in the next few days?

Berry Jive: On the 1st of March we’re outside with the City Boys at Uniqilo. Otherwise, I am very active on Facebook @ Berryjive Tshego, on X @ @BerryJive52795, Instagram @haiimaan_berryjive_ and bookings & inquiries: BookBerryJive@gmail.com.

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