Venom x Shishiliza Exclusive Interview: The Making of Flight Ya Hoseng

Exploring the Process Behind Venom x Shishiliza’s Love Song.

As Venom x Shishiliza release their latest single, “Flight Ya Hoseng,” excitement brews among fans eager to delve into another yet another sonic journey. In this exclusive interview with HYPE magazine, the dynamic duo offers a glimpse into the inspiration behind their music and the collaborative process that fuels their creativity.

“Flight Ya Hoseng” draws inspiration from the enduring allure of their previous hit, “Sondela,” embodying the essence of feel-good music that transcends age barriers. Reflecting on their collaboration process, the artists reveal the serendipitous nature of uniting diverse talents, including Ch’cco and Nomfundo Moh, in crafting a seamless auditory experience.

Rooted in their individual backgrounds and eclectic musical influences, Venom x Shishiliza pride themselves on pushing boundaries and defying norms. Their commitment to forging a unique African identity within their music promises listeners a refreshing sonic landscape that blurs genre boundaries.

With Valentine’s Day just passed, “Flight Ya Hoseng” carries a message of love, further solidifying Venom x Shishiliza’s place as cultural influencers whose music resonates deeply within society.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new single, “Flight Ya Hoseng”! Can you give us some insights into the inspiration behind the song and what listeners can expect from it?

Thank you! Sondela will always be the inspiration on songs we make with this specific sound. It’s a formula that works and we try to build and elevate the sound. Listeners can expect feel good music that appeals to all ages.

“Flight Ya Hoseng” follows the success of “Sondela,” which celebrated its second anniversary recently. How does this new single build upon your previous work, and what elements do you feel differentiate it?

Flight Ya Hoseng is a continuation of the sound we showcased on our Album “Love is Pain”. There’s nothing too different about it, we are just picking up where we left off and focusing on building on that sound.

This single features an all-star lineup. Could you tell us a bit about the collaboration process and what it was like working with such a diverse group of artists?

After working on the beat with Yumbs we were stuck for awhile trying to figure out who to put on the song. We had a song with a similar feel we recorded with Ch’cco years back which was never released so we reached out to him.

Ch’cco recorded half a verse and had to leave. We rearranged the song to make that unfinished verse the hook. Months later Baby S.O.N. jumped on & lastly Nomfundo.

Nomfundo’s manager Mpilo heard the song and suggested we put Nomfundo on at the last minute. She came so studio the same day to record. Everyone has been playing their part & excited about the release. It’s honestly been a breeze working with the featured artists.

As artists, what drives your creative process? How do you find inspiration and maintain momentum in your musical journey?

Honestly I would have to say the dreams and visions we have for ourselves keep our creative fire burning. Inspiration & motivation to keep momentum mostly comes from the people around us friends, family & other artists.

“Flight Ya Hoseng is a continuation of the sound we showcased on our Album “Love is Pain”. There’s nothing too different about it.”

Could you share some insights into your individual backgrounds and how they contribute to the unique sound and style of Venom x Shishiliza?

Shishiliza: I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Botswana & later relocated to SA. I studied music from a young age and played many roles within the music industry. I feel like living in these different countries, being well travelled & having experience in these different roles help me think of many aspects when making music. I try my best to make feel good music that is easy on the ear and appeals to all age groups, that is very important to me.

Venom: I grew up around people with different tastes in music….from my father jamming classical music or artists like Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukudzi to my mother and I singing Boyz 2 Men & Joe. Or my brother blasting hip hop from artists like Ludacris to Jay Z, Ja Rule & Biggie and my sister playing J Lo, Toni Braxton & Janet Jackson. Or my helper as a child playing Rumba, Dancehallbor Brenda Fassie. All these different types of  music  definitely influence my ear and the type of music we’re creating today.

“The topic of love is one that everyone can relate to in their own way and will be a topic that we will always consider when making music.”

Given the timing of the release, just after Valentine’s Day, does the single carry any particular message or thematic relevance for the holiday?

Flight Ya Hoseng does carry a message of love. It’s our third year in a row releasing around Valentines Day. The topic of love is one that everyone can relate to in their own way and will be a topic that we will always consider when making music.

Venom x Shishiliza has garnered a significant following since the release of “Sondela.” How do you navigate the expectations of your fans while also evolving creatively with each new release?

We have created our own lane and sound which can be a good and bad thing as our followers would be expecting that sound with every release. We tease tracks ahead of release to get an indication if our audience likes the sounds we are going for or not. We revisit songs a lot, make changes

Your music often blends different genres and influences. How would you describe the sonic landscape of “Flight Ya Hoseng,” and were there any specific musical inspirations behind it?

It’s a new sound which is very hard to place in a specific genre. We take influence from African music old & new. Sondela was the inspiration behind this song.

In your bio, you’re described as “pushing boundaries and breaking norms.” How does this ethos manifest in your approach to creating music, and can we expect any surprises or innovations with this new single?

We’ve never been interested in replicating what other artists have done or playing it safe. Fusing genres and creating our own African identity within our music is our main aim.

I wouldn’t say there’s any surprises but I don’t think anyone expected to see Ch’cco & Nomfundo Moh on a song together.

“We’ve never been interested in replicating what other artists have done or playing it safe.”

Looking beyond this single, what can fans anticipate from Venom x Shishiliza in the coming months? Are there any projects or collaborations on the horizon that you’re particularly excited about?

Initially we were looking to roll out our EP pretty early in the year but we haven’t released any music in a year and a half so we’re going to take our time for now. We’ll be dropping a few singles and when the demand is there, you’ll definitely be getting an EP from us.

In a rapidly changing music industry, how do you stay true to your artistic vision while also adapting to new trends ?

We’ve craved our own lane and are focused on elevating our sound. We do take trends into consideration but always try to build around our sound.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music, especially considering its impact on culture and society?

We want our music to be the soundtrack to special moments in our audiences life.

As musicians, how do you see your role in shaping the narrative of contemporary African music, both locally and globally?

We see ourselves as pioneers of a unique African sound that we take taking to the world.

“The dreams and visions we have for ourselves keep our creative fire burning.”

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