Pretoria’s AB Moch, Mochen, Treviyon, and Maryson Drop Hot New Track ‘STEPE’

AB Moch has collaborated with Mochen, Treviyon, and Maryson on their latest release titled “STEPE”. This dynamic drill-inspired track features a lively blend of their unique styles, creating an infectious sound that adds to the excitement of Pretoria’s rap scene. With a pulsating beat and rapid-fire flows, ‘STEPE’ showcases the artists’ talents and their commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Excitingly, this track has already made waves on streaming platforms, securing a spot-on Spotify’s Mzansi Raps and New Music Friday South Africa playlists. This recognition underscores the track’s potential to resonate with a wider audience and affirms the collective creativity of these artists. AB Moch, Mochen, Treviyon, and Maryson are currently making a significant impact on Pretoria’s rap scene. Their dedication to ensuring that the city’s rap culture gets noticed is evident in the success of “STEPE” and its growing popularity. The artists’ efforts are undoubtedly making an impact and are leaving an indelible mark on Pitori (Pretoria).
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