Scumie releases DRACO single pack

As a fresh face on the scene, it is imperative to stake your claim by releasing a steady stream of music for prospective fans to enjoy. The concept of flooding the streets is nothing new and the methodology yields fruits for new artists who follow this route. Scumie is one artist that has followed this route by giving her fans a regular dose of her sauce and she has not wasted any time with the release of her single pack titled ‘DRACO’. 

The single pack opens with the song ‘Shots’, which is an enchanting track filled with warping production that gives the song a unique hue. The song sees Scumie take on a more melancholic approach from a lyrical point of view. Her approach perfectly suits the nature of the production with its almost ‘trippy’ atmosphere. 

She follows up the song with the song ‘Bean’ which sees the young starlet bring a more melodic edge to her music. Her flow effortlessly floats atop the production giving the song an ‘onrepeat’ feeling to it. She closes the single pack with the song ‘Dim out the lights’. The song feels like a combination of the previous two songs, carrying the best of both worlds. Ultimately, the ‘DRACO’ single pack is experimental in its nature and is a welcomed foray into the talents of Scumie. Listen to ‘DRACO’ below. 

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