Keep an eye out for Blue Pappi as he is all set to take the music industry by storm.

Blue Pappi is a remarkable musician who possesses all the skills and qualities a complete musician should have. His music is truly exceptional and the message behind it will have you questioning your existence. At his age, he is already able to create music in his mother tongue that many can relate to, which is why so many people are drawn to him. I was introduced to his music in 2023 when he released his 9-track project “A Voice Like a Sequined Razor Blade,” which included songs like “Oh No” and “Qaphela.” In my opinion, it was a 7/10 project. Later, he dropped “Alottathingz,” featuring Lowkey Esto, Saint Cielo, and SiphoMjita, an incredible song. He knows how to choose the right people for features, and his beat selection is so beautiful that you’d think he had Apollo Brown or 9th Wonder helping him. It’s rare to find such a young artist who is a complete musician, ticking every box.  What caught my attention was the perfection in “Mona Lisa.” The boys are dropping only jams, and by the time many catch up with his catalog he will be far. He featured two exciting mates, Lowfeye and LaCabra. It’s hard to ignore such amazing artists, and it’s up to us music consumers and hip-hop family to share their music and let the public know about them. He kicked off 2024 with a freshly baked song straight out of the oven called “Ekhaya.” Check it out and be on the lookout for this amazing talent from Lady Smith. DON’T SAY WE NEVER PUT YOU ON WHEN HE IS BIG AND TAKING OVER THE WORLD. BELIEVE  THE HYPE AND INVEST IN BLUE PAPPI STOCK.

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