LEO’s project “GRN” is gaining popularity on Apple Music’s charts.

LEO is an outstanding rapper and music artist who needs no validation from any hip-hop commentator. He has written, produced, and arranged all of his music, with guest features on production and vocals by ooyanduh, Miles, Phiwo, Yolophonik, NVMI, Zenaye Skosana, uButWakho, Warona and Molcule Inc., who were behind the artwork.  His latest project, GRN, consists of 7 tracks that are conceptual and well-crafted, accompanied by stellar lyrics that will leave you wondering why you haven’t been listening to his music all along. LEO’s skill of moving effortlessly from one line to another, while maintaining synchronization with the beat, played a vital role in this project, from “FLIGHT” to “OMG”. The general mood and sensation of the songs are aspects that I observed while listening to the project, with sounds that create a delightful and unforgettable listening experience. “Most of my peer’s surfing waves that I be crashing Yeah, the last dragon Huh, the super standard/ The big hand that’s overheads/When breaking bread son/ The last breed built to succeed When the time comes With all this? I am the product Of your promise” Throughout the projects LEO shares some knowledge and exercises his wordplay which makes his standouts if we were to speak the truth. This is something the South African hip-hop community needs. LEO Had fun building a sequence for GRN. I urge all the hip hop listeners to go play this body of work now.

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