Bizzcuit, The Journey and rising star of female rap.

A rising force in the world of hip-hop, from having his first song “Stupid Flow” which later became a jingle for a YFM show AudioTreat hosted by Thando Thabethe to making songs with Touchline, Maglera Doe boy, and is now featured on Hype Magazine I believe it’s the Journey which requires hard work, dedication, and focus.  With her album recently reaching 100k streams and being featured on Netflix’s MISEDUCATION soundtrack (Episode 5) it’s a milestone, even some artist struggles to reach that level. Early this year her track “Somebody to Love” ft Bone & Produced by Taffy da Don, was featured in a movie called “The Honeymoon” that premiered on 31st March 2023.  she’s challenging stereotypes and proving that gender is not a limitation but a source of strength if you look at how she moves within the space of hip-hop and South African industry. Bizzcuit is a positive role model to the kids in the East Rand, she projects strength, confidence, and female empowerment but doesn’t want to lose her mind in the music and she does have fun in her music. In 2022 she dropped “The Journey”, a 12-song album featuring Touchline, Assessa, Gigi Lamayne, Maglera Doe Boy, Bone, and Anzo. Recently she followed up with a Deluxe adding the tracks to 18 and shooting more music videos to it, the “Memeza” music video is the latest one out of her vault, dropped last week Friday. With the pace, she’s going and how the video is beautiful, best believe you will see it on your TV screens soon as all her previous work is all over music TV channels in South Africa.  Nominated at SAHHA (South African Hip Hop Awards) under Best Female Rapper and Nominated for 011 Awards in 2020 (Artist of the Year) So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to tune in to Bizzcuit’s music. Let her lyrics resonate with you, her energy empowers you, and her authenticity reminds you that the world of hip-hop is evolving, and artists like Bizzcuit are at the forefront of that evolution.
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