Lesedithedj’s “Time Will Tell” dropping this Friday

It is always exciting when someone who has direct communication with the audience and is knowledgeable about hip-hop music decides to drop an album or EP. Adding to the roaster of October drops is LeseditheDj, he is set to drop a 5 track EP “TIME WILL TELL” this coming Friday featuring Loatinover Pounds, Flow Jones, Slim Ego, LOOKATUPS, and K.Keed.  With such a guest feature lineup and LeseditheDj’s knowledge regarding the music I strongly believe “Time Will Tell” is more of creating a unique and engaging musical experience for us hip-hop fans and the hip-hop community.  The EP Launch is also happening this Friday at Zone 6

Lets support the homie and go get “Time Will Tell” when it drops on Friday.

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