Novl. and Wordz dropping “Costly Sacrifices” this coming Friday

There is a term that is often used in modern culture for an action or idea that is expected based on a prior event, which is? I don’t know. Yet again, this might be the state of things that actually exists, that’s what caught my attention when I first saw the artwork of Novl’s new single with Wordz which is set to drop this Friday. Yes, You heard it first on Hype Magazine.

Let me take you back to “searching” artwork before we proceed with “Costly Sacrifices”. If you paid attention to that artwork, it was an eye-written “searching” (This isn’t connected with the Freemasons and the Illuminati signs please) but I am so invested in asking him when I get the opportunity since the latest artwork is a mouth with some shining golds there written “Cliches and Reality” with the title of the song also just there “Costly Sacrifices”. Big shout out to Gerard Addison for the artwork design, and Katlego Montagane for the photo.

I have seen too many rappers suffer the fate of their album and song having a few days of initial buzz on the socials but losing most of their momentum within the first week or so. Still, there is this certain rapper I’ve been checking out, and best believe he surprises me every time, the amount of time and energy he puts in on his pre-albums and singles roll out, the details on his artworks and music videos, and the features he scores. The name is Novl, The Book Club is the fan base, His highly anticipated single with Wordz is set to drop this Friday following up on the single he dropped with Tyson Sybateli not long ago.

So be on the lookout for this work.  The Book Club and the entire hip hop community about to feast.

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