NOTBENJAMIN and Tee Fermenso Reach New Heights with “Top Floor” EP

Producer, rapper, and Street Fest founder NOTBENJAMIN has teamed up with Tee Fermenso for a new single “Top Floor.” The song’s title reflects their ambition to soar to greater heights, boldly announcing their intentions.

NOTBENJAMIN, a classically trained musician with a deep passion for trap, is known for his experimental production style. His tracks are a playful blend of high-octane beats, featuring heavy 808s and bass, and he consistently elevates the artists he collaborates with. “Top Floor” showcases the seamless synergy between NOTBENJAMIN and Tee Fermenso.

The EP is a testament to NOTBENJAMIN’s knack for bringing out the best in his collaborators. Tee Fermenso’s participation in the project exemplifies their shared creative vision.

In a surprising twist, NOTBENJAMIN showcases his rapping skills on the final track, “Some More,” adding a new dimension to the EP.

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