Summer Walker Collaborates with Tyla on ‘Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)’ Remix

Global R&B Star Summer Walker Praises Tyla’s ‘Water’ Hit as New EP Showcases Diverse Talents in a Fusion of Amapiano, Pop, and R&B

R&B sensation Summer Walker made headlines this week as she announced a remix of her hit track “Girls Need Love” featuring none other than South African overnight superstar, Tyla. The news came as Summer’s album “Last Day of Summer” achieved platinum status.

The EP, titled “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix),” is set to showcase the vocal talents of not just Tyla but also Tink and Victoria Monét. Summer expressed her admiration for these talented women, emphasizing the need to “shine light on these beautiful ladies cus girls need love.”

What’s particularly remarkable is Summer Walker’s appreciation for Tyla, evident in her tweet praising Tyla’s track “Water.” She exclaimed, “Tyla has one of my favorite songs in a while,” revealing her genuine admiration for the South African artist.


Tyla’s own single, “Water,” has been a global sensation, amassing over 65 million streams on Spotify and securing a spot on the Billboard 100 chart. It’s currently dominating the UK’s Official Afrobeats Chart and stands strong in the top 10 of the Official Single Chart.

Tyla’s unique blend of amapiano, pop, and R&B has won her a dedicated international following. Her collaboration with Summer Walker on the “Girls Mix” promises to be a powerful addition to her rapidly growing portfolio.

This exciting collaboration highlights the global reach of South African talent and demonstrates the growing recognition of artists like Tyla in the international music scene. The “Girls Need Love (Girls Mix)” EP is undoubtedly a must-listen for music lovers everywhere.

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