Namakau Star’s “Life On Pluto” EP: The VibeGoddess’ sonic journey

The much anticipated EP speaks to a myriad of themes, which include spiritual laws, transformation, and love, and is a true representation of her expansive journey as an artist. Namakau is not one to shy away from documenting her life experiences, relaying her truth, and honouring the process. A true genre-bender of note, the EP itself is a refreshing take on multiple genres such as pop, soft rock, and new-age electronic production, paired with riveting storytelling, catchy hooks, and soothing vocals—an approach that will leave listeners singing along.

What started off as a connection on the internet where they worked online for one of the lead singles on their album later turned into a fully-fledged collaboration with German Pop Collective The Planetoids, who took on Baseline Festival, MTN Bushfire, and Africa Rising Music Conference by Night Stage earlier this year. The collective, having vibrant energy and musical expertise of note began working with the rising star during her first international tour in Germany, where they met for the first time in real life. Namakau Star embarked on a creative odyssey during her tour in Germany, taking the opportunity of a 3-month internship and utilizing her pioneering spirit. She took on the streets of Berlin with just an AMP, a microphone, a board with her handle, and artwork. She began busking, attending open mics, and connecting with people on the ground in real time to spread her message of love and hope.

Amidst the enchanting landscapes and inspirational ambiance, she recorded two enthralling songs that would become integral components of “Life On Pluto.” Leading the charge is the EP’s captivating lead single, “Boomerang,” which has garnered overwhelming support from Namakau Star’s devoted community and is rapidly gaining traction on local South African radio stations. The single’s infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics have resonated deeply with listeners, setting the stage for the EP’s imminent release.

Namaku Star “Life On Pluto” is an ode to the discomfort that comes with transformation and the undeniable growth we all must go through as humans, but through transformation, one can experience earnest joy and peace from choosing to see the good in life. I had so much fun making this EP and I cannot wait for you to experience the colourful sounds and mantras to keep you grounded and guided” Namakau Star’s innovative approach to music production, coupled with her lyrical prowess, promises a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide. “Life On Pluto” is poised to be the EP of the year, captivating hearts and minds with its vibrant and introspective soundscape. She is ready to deliver an EP that is not just a collection of songs but an emotional and artistic voyage that will leave a lasting impact on all who listen. Listen to Life On Pluto below.

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