G-Tech 2Bit Drops ‘Coffee Shop in Rosebank’ music video

Pretoria has been a breeding ground for incredibly talented rappers in recent years. If a new rapper emerges on the scene, chances are they are from Pretoria. G-tech 2bit is one such talented rapper from Pretoria who has been gaining popularity since his debut. He recently collaborated with the well-known Mr. Punyete, Loatinover Pound, on his latest single “Coffee Shop in Rosebank”. The music video, which features some stunning visuals that complement the amazing song, was shot at Soul Souvlaki in Rosebank, and G-tech 2bit invited his friends to make a cameo appearance in it. In an industry where there are so many talented artists, it’s easy to overlook some of the best ones. G-tech 2bit is determined to promote his music in every possible way, including through visuals. The music video is now available on YouTube and is also being aired on various music channels on television. Support South African rappers by streaming the video now. stream the video on the link below 

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