Spunky Galaxy is in his emotions on his new EP

What goes into the evolution of a rapper? Oftentimes, it entails a rapper polishing up on the critical aspects of their music or going through a difficult period that brings out a totally different side of them… and for Spunky Galaxy, it seems to be the latter. 

Emotions sees Spunky Galaxy touch on deeply personal issues in his life; topics such as love and death. By no means am I trying to glorify pain and love lost, but rather how artists use this pain to create art that helps them deal with their emotions in a therapeutic manner. 

Having followed Spunky Galaxy for a number of years now, I was pleasantly surpriaed by the sonic approach he took on the EP. There are hues of Jazz throughout the EP and it forces Spunky Galaxy to enter a different vocal pocket, which is one that I quite enjoyed. Listen to the ‘new’ Spunky Galaxy below. 

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