Titose and Moliy talk about unconditional love on ‘Infinity’ Single

Afro-R&B is a unofficial subgenre that most new music listeners have taken a liking towards. With that being said, fans the sound were delighted to see that Botswana based artist Titose, and Ghanaian artist Moliy came together to produce a beautiful single titled ‘Infinity’. Both Moliy and Titose are complimentary voices and the song feels like a beautiful unison of two human beings. The production is light and bubbly which perfectly suits the style of music that the pair produces. 

The magic of the single lies in the choice of vocal delivery the artists opted for because the track called for smooth and soothing vocal deliveries. This execution linked up with how they express their desire for unconditional love, which is a fresh perspective in a time where ‘toxic’ messaging is the norm. Listen to the single below.

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