808x and Southside Mohammed link up for ‘Take a Pic’ single

The talent of 808x cannot be understated. The producer has a proven catalogue of high quality product and he is known for his own distinct sound which cannot be reproduced. The producer called on frequent collaborator Southside Mohammed for a single titled ‘Take a Pic’.

The song features what I can describe as a pleasant stripped down mix of unorthodox elements that shouldn’t mix but oddly enough they do. The slight airy and sinister feel of the song is purposeful and provides the song with a unique texture. Southside Mohammed provided the song felt like a complimentary piece to the song rather than a verse that exists on its own. Southside Mohammed’s execution allowed for Sizwe Alakine to deliver a verse that contrasts Southside Mohammed’s contribution. listen to ‘Take a Pic’ below.  

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