Linda Kim – remember the name

At HYPE we are inundated by submissions and an overwhelming amount of music to consume, but every now and again, you find a true gem that gives you goosebumps, and they make you feel like all of the crate digging was worth it. Linda Kim is a shining example of exactly the type of talents that give our jobs meaning. 


Linda Kim released an EP aptly titled Remember The Name. I say aptly because the EP will leave an impression on you. She opens the EP with a standout single titled ‘Remember The Name’, which is a song that sees her lyrical ability come to fold. She posses the ability to swicth between different pockets of flowsc mixed in with genuine bars. Following that, she transitions into the song MASTAANDI and… wow. The single displays her ability to craft incredible hooks and overall hit making ability. 


She then takes a break from all of the rap to display her versatility on songs like ‘Magic’. Despite being a true rapper, she has been known to dabble in different sounds. ‘Magic’ has a smooth tropical hue with touches of South African elements on the production. She shows us another side of her repertoire on the song ‘One of One’ that sees her deliver more of the same atop tropical production. 


As much as I enjoyed the prior songs, I am most optimistic about her pursuing songs that carry the same sort of atmospheric mood as ‘Not The Same’. Songs like that really hint at an artists ability to create album music, which is a challenge for even ‘commercial’ artists with budgets that far exceed an independent artist. Listen to Remember The Name below. 

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