G-Star Raw Celebrates Heritage by Unveiling Elwood Jeans

G-Star RAW is thrilled to announce the revival of the iconic G-Star , reintroducing the original 3D design from 1996 to today’s generation. This marks a significant moment in fashion history, as we bring back the revolutionary concept that captured hearts in 1996, now adapted to contemporary sensibilities. The G-Star Elwood, with its distinctive 3D denim design, catapulted our brand into the cultural spotlight back in 1996, and now it returns with a modern update while preserving its timeless design elements.

The Fit

The G-Star Elwood collection offers a diverse range of seven unisex denim jeans styles, available in two different fits and a variety of colorways. The Regular fit stays true to the original design from the 90s, retaining all the classic details. Meanwhile, the Elwood Loose fit presents a contemporary, more relaxed style. Our styles are crafted from a blend of high-quality materials, including sustainable Ecru C2C Certified Fabric and durable Japanese raw denim fabric.

3D Denim Design

The hallmark of the G-Star Elwood is its 3D denim construction, achieved through intricate seam work, panels, and pockets that accentuate your body’s natural contours, providing unparalleled freedom of movement. This cutting-edge approach reflects our unwavering commitment to progressive denim design, which has been at the heart of our brand since its inception.

The Talent

For our Elwood campaign, we’ve joined forces with renowned dancers to celebrate the synergy between dance and denim. The campaign features choreographer and media personality Bontle Modiselle, known for her proficiency in various street dancing styles, including Sbhujwa, Amapiano, Bhenga, isiPantsula, and Kwassa. Bontle’s involvement underscores how the G-Star Elwood enables effortless self-expression through dance.

Speaking about the campaign, Bontle shared, “Dance has always afforded me the ability to be who I want and need to be with no restrictions.” She emphasized that dance invites her to learn the rules to break them and create magic.

Musa Motha, a 28-year-old amputee dance artist from South Africa, embodies our campaign ethos of breaking barriers with the 3D denim design. Musa has overcome numerous challenges to become a trailblazer in the performing arts industry, emphasizing the importance of persistence and determination.

Both Bontle and Musa are honored to be part of the Elwood campaign, showcasing the freedom of movement and 3D silhouette that the G-Star Elwood offers. Musa expressed his comfort and ease of movement in the G-Star Elwood jeans, highlighting their minimal restrictions.

Embraced by a new generation of creatives and tastemakers, the G-Star Elwood has become a global phenomenon. Young people around the world have adopted it as a symbol of self-expression, embodying the spirit of freedom and innovation that defines G-Star RAW.

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