Butan and Inkabi Zezwe Unveil Latest Capsule Collection

The highly anticipated Butan X Inkabi Zezwe Capsule Collection is set to merge fashion and music, promising an electrifying fusion of creativity. This unique collection, a one-time creation, pays homage to South African culture and street style, encapsulating the essence of its roots.

Situated amidst the lively streets of Marshalltown, Johannesburg, this collection goes beyond fashion, serving as a tribute to the shared heritage and influences of the duo. Inspired by the way their uncles and older brothers dressed for town errands in their hometown of Bergville, it embarks on a nostalgic journey across generations.

Adding a distinctive touch, renowned artists Big Zulu and Sjava have collaborated closely with the Butan team, infusing their creative brilliance into every garment. The collection transcends mere merchandise; it extends their artistic legacy.

In a groundbreaking move, Inkabi Zezwe invites you into their everyday life through a captivating ad, offering an exclusive glimpse into their world against the backdrop of the city and their cars.

The Butan X Inkabi Zezwe Capsule Collection boasts a range of must-have items, including fresh bomber jackets and the iconic rugby jersey. The latter is crafted from breathable sports tech fabric with a gentle hand feel, accentuated by a unique leopard print pattern beneath the collar. Adorned with asymmetrical stripe detailing and custom artist badges, it’s a standout piece.

While the collection is already available in stores, the highly sought-after bomber jackets and rugby jerseys will hit Butan official retailers and Shesha stores nationwide on September 22nd.

This launch celebrates the convergence of music and fashion, culture and creativity, inviting you to delve into the vibrancy of Bergville and the rhythm of Johannesburg. The Butan X Inkabi Zezwe Capsule Collection is more than just clothing; it’s a movement, a journey, and an unforgettable experience.

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