ZULO Has Something To Say About Your Girlfriend On New Single ‘Adawise’

More than a year since the release of his acclaimed EP ‘Talk to Me Naace’, ZULO returns with his audaciously triggering single “Adawise”, as he confronts a paranoid man consumed by distrust and suspicion. The song emerged from ZULO’s poignant conversation with a woman led astray by unfulfillment. His intention? To explore the motives and emotional aftermath of her infidelity.

True to form, “Adawise” spotlights
ZULO’s distinctive flair, skillfully interlacing a tongue in cheek verse
delving into themes of betrayal, fidelity and desire, while simultaneously
painting a portrait of a woman’s growing dissatisfaction – virally dubbed the
“ick” – leading her toward the temptations that torment her partner.

 Self-produced with assistance from
Boydukes, “Adawise” melds fragments of esteemed kwaito classic “Philly” by
Thebe and Shaggy’s iconic smash hit “It Wasn’t Me”, into a mesmerizing
amalgamation of hip-hop, kwaito, pop, and amapiano, while the track concludes
with a gospel-infused choir, casting light on human morality and sin. 
“We’re not bad people, we just make dumb decisions sometimes and hurt people unintentionally.” ZULO acknowledges, confident that the song will resonate with many listeners, reaffirming his commitment to raw, relatable narratives.

As ZULO strives to make his mark as a proudly coloured global rap pop sensation, “Adawise” signifies his commitment to pushing creative boundaries, redefining the spectrum of contemporary South African hip-hop.

Watch the ‘Adawise’ visualiser below. 


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