This is what gaming will look like in the future

Many companies are trying to influence the gaming industry by implementing their technology. Sometimes you need the right moment to make these changes because players might not be ready for them. This is what’s happening with virtual reality and some consoles that are struggling to reach the market.


You can even find the best online casino in VR so it’s obvious that everyone is looking to jump on the opportunity but it’s expected that it will be worth it in 2030. Professionals from the industry say that 2030 is the year when this type of technology will be perfected. This will have a huge impact on the gaming community but they will adapt like always.

Streaming Games Will Be Easy


One of the problems that every new gamer comes upon is having a bad PC or laptop. It happens to everyone because games are improving and they require a strong PC. You might be able to play the new Eldern Ring game but you might need more power to start streaming it.


Streaming has become very popular in the past few years even on mobile devices, but it can overheat them. With the new technology coming in 2030, this shouldn’t be the problem, especially with a 5G connection. Everyone will have fast internet so streaming will be quite easy.

Virtual Reality Will Look Amazing


VR has a problem with resolution from the start because it’s still hard to make appealing to the human eye. There are some amazing games with perfect graphics but it takes a lot of money to make something that you can finish in a few hours. Making more complex games look great is challenging but not impossible.


Evolving VR gaming is not the biggest problem that these companies have to solve. The budget people need is a more complex thing and adapting to the headset. New users always have a hard time after they finish playing for a couple of hours which isn’t great for your health. But, it’s expected that we will have headsets worth $200 which is much better than the $1500 sets we have today.

Cloud Gaming


Besides being able to stream anywhere and on any device you like, you will probably be able to play any game on any PC. Cloud gaming is an uprising industry where you can play popular games by signing up on a certain platform and paying a small fee.


You just need to have a stable internet connection because everything is done online. You will use their computing power to run the games and your internet to connect with them. This is a very popular option even today but it will get on a new level in near future.

Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming has come a long way in the past decade and we now have games that require 10GB of space. This was unthinkable only a few years ago, but that’s not the point where the smartphone industry will top. They are trying to implement their features with the VR headset which isn’t necessary but it can be very useful.


Something that is more crucial for mobile gaming is a 5G connection which will make every game feel smoother. Many popular games like League of Legends Wild Rift or Rise of Kingdoms have a problem with a fast and reliable connection and fps. This shouldn’t be an issue even in 4 to 5 years from now.

Mixed Reality


A part of the virtual reality world will be mixed reality where we will interact with our surroundings. This exists today where some programs can implement stuff that is not really there so you can see what it would look like.


It’s a common thing for architecture because you can see in real life what something can be built. This is the early stage of development and many more things can be implemented into mixed reality. Things like specially made terrains we have at paintball with some effects from virtual reality will be popular.

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